• Say I Am You

    This is so beautiful, I wanted to share it with you all here.

    Life presses us all with so much, often it seems there is no time or place for us to consider thoughts that do not involve the nuts and bolts of daily life, and it is sometimes difficult to keep these ideas in mind at all. But we should remember that any efforts at reaching out to what is beyond our Ego, beyond our personal considerations, offer peace and a perspective that can make even the most difficult times more manageable. Seek peace, for even the mention of enlightenment and release from suffering brings hope to the soul, for the light becomes visible and beckons us forward.

    Rumi, Say I Am You

    I am dust particles in sunlight.
    I am the round sun.

    To the bits of dust I say, Stay.
    To the sun, Keep moving.

    I am morning mist,
    and the breathing of evening.
    I am wind in the top of a grove,
    and surf on the cliff.

    Mast, rudder, helmsman, and keel,
    I am also the coral reef they founder on.

    I am a tree with a trained parrot in its branches.
    Silence, thought, and voice.

    The musical air coming through a flute,
    a spark of stone, a flickering in metal.
    Both candle and the moth crazy around it.
    Rose, and the nightingale lost in the fragrance.

    I am all orders of being, the circling galaxy,
    the evolutionary intelligence, the lift, and the falling away.

    What is, and what isn't.

    You who know, Jelaluddin,
    You the one in all, say who I am.
    Say I am you.

    life. It can be

  • Kymatica

    Hello Everyone!

    I trust that life is treating you all well :)

    I'm posting for your consideration a film called "Kymatica", by the same man who did the film "Esoteric Agenda", Ben Stewart. A while back, I posted the movie "Esoteric Agenda", and it was met with mixed reviews; the feedback ranged from jaded boredom to wonder and concern. So be it. I did not make these films, and while I personally do not "buy" everything that is put forth, I do realize the value of considering any such data presentation, within limits, to allow us to have some perspective of what is "out there". In regarding what is out there, we can then take steps to consider what is "in here", and so, work through the process of elimination that can give greater clarity to our consciousness. And so, I present this film for your review and deliberation. Give it a look!

    Kymatica takes us further into the possibilities facing humankind, and follows directly on the heels of the first film, Esoteric Agenda. The work is well done and shows the real passion of the maker, who, while considered very green by many who seek to criticize, should be applauded for his intensity and commitment to seeking his own truth. Whether or not that truth coincides with your own, is for you to decide.


  • Esoteric Agenda

    For those of you interested in looking at information that investigates what may lie beneath the surface of the workings of our society (what some define as "conspiracy theory", you may find this of some interest.

    This film, called Esoteric Agenda, was made in 2008. It runs about 2 hours, and offers an ambitious summary of "society today". It may be quite shocking to some (those who haven't looked at this stuff at all before), so take your time with this material!

    Many people dismiss this stuff out of hand, claiming it's all bogus and that they have no time for it, their lives are fine, etc., and there's nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. But, it also behoves us as thinking people to at least look at this information, especially if you have never done so before, or if you think you "don't need to". Open your mind to consideration of what these discussions may mean to your own life and that of the people all around this world, if anything.

    Look, think, discuss, and then do what you will!

    Watch it sooner than later as it has already disappeared once from Google, and may do so again!

  • Pictures of the Solar Eclipse, January 26 2009

    The Solar Eclipse of January 26 was visible over the Indian Ocean, the end of the event taking place over Southeast Asia, just before sunset.

    Here are some stunning pictures of the Sun being obstructed by the Moon, resulting in the year's first Solar Eclipse event.

    This one by Dr. Armando Lee, in Manila:
    Dr-Armando-Lee solar eclipse jan 26 2009

    This one also from Manila, from Jett Aguilar:
    Jett-Aguilar manila phillipenes solar eclipes jan 26 2009

    This one is particularly beautiful (I feel) - it is an unusual photo of the shadows cast by the eclipsed sun, from Dave Simpson in Cape Town, South Africa:
    Dave-Simpson shadows of the eclipse jan 26 2009

    All photos found at Spaceweather.com.
    Visit the site for more photos and great astronomy information!

    See you soon!

  • Astrology Notes: Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Aquarius Forecast for the Signs

    This year’s first Solar Eclipse occurs at 7:56 UT on January 26, 2009, The current massive emphasis on Aquarian energies, with no less than six planets and points posited in that sign (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, North Node) indicates to us that the need for a global recognition of the realities that affect all humans on this planet is in now in order. With the intertwining of these energies, we have the capacity to truly feel on a fundamental level, a solid connection with our world and the people in it, and the more people who make the choice to reach out and connect, the stronger the Light grows on this planet. Now is the time! Last week’s inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20 was an event that embodied the essence of “Aquarius”, causing people all over the world to take note of changes happening on this planet, as he took up the Presidency espousing a new hope and direction for the United States, and beyond that, the world scene. Nothing could have been more Aquarian than his message, firmly rooted in a sense of brotherhood, cooperation and firm human values to be the new direction in times of trouble. Many people have been claiming that a Mercury retrograde event occurring on the day of the Inauguration bodes ill for the coming administration. I do not look at it this way, but instead consider that most of this Presidency will be occupied with correcting the errors of the past, revisiting and amending what has gone before, and addressing old administrative errors and inconsistencies. As Mercury drops back into Capricorn, before turning around again to re-enter Aquarius on February 15, the mental mood is one that will be focused on just how the administration that is passing away failed, and how efforts must be made to correct and improve what came before.

    Some people have a very keen identification with the conditions of their fellow humans, and an instant acknowledgement of the fact that we live intertwined within society and that it is nigh impossible to exist without interaction with our fellow citizens to some degree or another. Some people have the capacity to regard the idea of “fellowship” or “brotherhood” only in limited ways, perhaps grasping some occasional understanding of others only through directly shared experiences, through viewing stories on television or in magazines. Some have no interest whatsoever and figure that a “survival of the fittest” scheme works best on this planet. Whatever the case may be, whatever level we function at, the fact is that this humanity is growing more numerous, resource distribution is limited and due for restoration, and the footprint of our species is destructive and threatens the continues welfare of our descendants.

    The energetic current of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius speaks directly to the commonality of human experience, and the need for each individual to reach out and acknowledge that we all live together here on this little blue planet, and thus, we are all neighbours. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, there definitely is change coming at us now, hard and fast, and it will be more and more apparent how that change transpires in our lives beginning with this year 2009. Within two years, we will see massive efforts at revamping of communications networks, transportation networks and power grids, creating more effective and efficient means to service more and more people. The infrastructure of our governments will be subjected to more thorough investigation and editing, and hopefully, that will translate into more effective administrations that will directly impact growing populations. Much of what we assume as commonplace now, will be replaced with new ways and means, and we will need to adjust accordingly.

    While Pluto is now steadily moving into Capricorn, the changes will be mundane and far-reaching, but there is no need to fear “the collapse of society as we know it”, for only those things that need to be dismantled will be taken down. Things that require polishing or perfecting will be repaired and revamped, and new things will be created that will take the place of the completely obsolete. I have not written much about Pluto in Capricorn, because I refuse to buy into, or add to the hype and the fear mongering that has surrounded this subject. This planetary ingress has been seen before, and it resulted in huge political changes, yes, but we all survived. All over the world, people are spinning into panic, fearing that they will lose everything that they have worked for over so many years because “the infrastructure is being transformed”. If you lose anything, you will only lose that which was not yours to keep, in the grand scheme of things. You may not like the reason for, but it’ll be yours to discover. We are the architects of our own fate – ultimately, there is no one to blame beside ourselves. The planets may move us and impress upon our souls certain energetic pulses and directions, and yes, some of those movements will be felt as collective surges requiring mass adjustment, but we always have the free will to choose how we act in any circumstances, and the intelligence to guide us to act. It is up to us to adjust accordingly.

    Our society as a whole is not completely corrupt. There is a certainly a lot of corruption, and that has been supported by other corruption, like a pyramid scheme, with one hand washing the other, and if anyone is involved in practices that are unethical, illegal or which subjugate others to injustices, then yes, those forces will be destroyed. Pluto in Capricorn aids the dissembling of practices that are rotten to the core. Much of our society is quite corrupt, with slack ethics and questionable administrative practices that result in errors that cost time, money and all manner of energetic expression, but ask this – do we have roads? Do we have water and electricity? Do we have schools? Do we have hospitals, fire fighters and police forces? Generally the answer will be “Yes, but…there are problems with this, that and the other, and they are like this…” But also ask yourself this – are we not further ahead as a race and as individuals than people were a hundred, two hundred years ago? Most, though not all people are ahead of where our ancestors were in the past. But not everyone on this planet has access to the basic societal functions that I just listed, and there is no good reason why not. And so, what is good will remain, and what is bad will be exposed and transfigured into something better. Simple.

    With the energies of positive change and real human transformation that are currently available, my advice is to look to the spirit of Love and to the call of the future, and put your energies there instead of obsessing about the myriad forms of corruption. Have faith and trust as your touchstones, not fear. It may well be so that there IS a power-hungry evil elite force out there, that meets in secret cabals and nefariously plans the directions of humanity, with an ultimate aim of amassing unspeakable wealth, and then of feeding us to a descending breed of blood-thirsty aliens, but if so, what are they waiting for – some maximum population capacity? Please, let’s get out of the fear factory and move on! Remember, fear itself is a Capricorn-ruled concept and as such, also subject to the transmogrifying effects of Pluto – we can expect to uncover much of these societal fears over the next decade and a half, and lay them to rest once and for all! It is only this - put your life to good use. Be a good person. Cultivate yourself and spread Love and goodwill to those around you, and most of all, enjoy your life! You will still have enough to eat and a bed to sleep in, even if the world comes tumbling down around our ears. I promise.

    I have prepared a short forecast for each sign of the zodiac, indicating how this tremendous New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius will make its most likely impact. And I promise, society, as we know it will not collapse, and no aliens will come to take you away!

    Forecast for the Signs

    Where do you fit in? How does your Self operate in relation to your social milieu? Are you reflecting your true identity? Is your social scene due for some revision, connecting you to a broader, more aware setting? Deep subconscious stirrings, flashes of inspiration and sudden breakthroughs in how you relate to old personal memories will help you to enact much needed career overhauls. You are now able to access deeply inspirational and visionary material that can help propel you in new directions. Reach out and engage with your society. You are supported in your efforts. Much activity, thought and communication is happening in the realm of career matters now. Your domestic scene could be a bit of a downer at this time, and your responsibilities and requirements there could press you and feel like they are cramping your style. Also of consideration are your health routines and the need to address issues of discipline and self-responsibility. Look at how you can use this time to make any necessary changes that can make your chores and habits more efficient and healthful. Who you are and how you represent yourself to the world is ripe for transformation. If you work with the spirit of change, you can access the power to make it happen with the energies of this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Harness that energy and go for it!

    This New Moon Solar Eclipse is setting you in new directions in terms of long-range career ventures. Your personal image and how you decide to portray yourself to the world is ripe for solidification and at a pinnacle point. The work you have been doing is at a critical juncture of transformation; now is the time to launch to the next level, or take what you have been doing to its highest point. Philosophically, your experience and awareness propels transformation; your spirituality and how you regard the whole concept of “psychic”, your dreams and visions spur you to engage with a new set of people and values, who may present you with circumstances that require you to stretch your existing perceptions of the world. All this leads to a completely new self-understanding. Much thought and communication will focus on how this new direction will manifest in the real world. Look to how what you do now, right now, will impact on you in years to come, because that is exactly the window you are at. Make good use of this very important time. You may need to curb your pleasures for a while, but doing so will draw you more closely to the real you. Go with it!

    Dream catching can become a reality for you though it might require a touch more discipline than you may enjoy. Unusual information from friends, revisions in long term goals and financial connections are required at this time, leading you to a point of necessarily incorporating innovations in your social scene on the fly. What is occurring is no less than a revamping of how you are viewed on a larger scale by those around you. Your life is almost a picture of the necessity of incorporating the new in order to actualize your future potentials. Career matters, your external social identity and where you are headed with this all depend on the decisions you make now. Use the available capacity to dig as deeply as you can to ensure that what you reflect expresses your truth. Work hard to incorporate the ideas that are coming to you fast and furious with trust and faith, plan and revamp as required, building your dreams into solid reality. You are connected with your truth, just listen to it!

    Your mentality is supercharged with this New Moon Solar Eclipse, and your desire for learning, for dreaming, for spirituality and understanding is unquenchable. Big changes could come to you through travel or higher education. Your spiritual understanding is deeply planted in your past, and it would be no surprise to see you looking back to your roots, finding stability and a firm sense of security there. On the home front, things may be a tad serious, especially if you are in a position of incorporating new directions in your career. Your ideas of partnerships are due for big transformation. Use this energy to channel the forward directions in your mentality to realize the broadening of your horizons across the board. How you think, what you think, where you go in your higher inspirations, all these things infuse your identity with a new expansiveness and a direction that can land you in totally different spaces in years to come. Allow your mentality and the inspirations and enthusiasm of your searching to draw you forward to the future that awaits you.

    Partnerships are highlighted with this New Moon Solar Eclipse, and how you relate to those closest to you in marriage or business relations is of primary importance right now. Much thinking and planning of domestic and habitual work routines occupy your thoughts, and a need to establish firm plans for the future can be thrown wild by sudden inspirations and the emergence of unusual social contacts, especially with foreigners or those who represent “foreign” ideas. These will seem to come out of the blue and give you much to consider. Long-term planning will require you to incorporate a larger-scale “how do I experience myself vis a vis others” mentality. There is no sense of going it alone now. At this time, the focus is on how your partnerships define your self identity, positively or negatively. If no partnerships or business contacts press on you, then look to those who stand against you, in reality or philosophically, as the potential blockages in your life. Revamping domestic routines, incorporating new employees or habits, and new regimes in health care point the way to personal integration and will enhance overall effectiveness.

    This New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights issues of health, and how your daily personal and domestic habits affect your health, and how expanding your understanding of this interconnection can help you to further hone the effectiveness of your daily routines and your overall life output. How your sense of pleasure impacts on your health, efficiency and productivity, and ways to incorporate changes in your ideas of pleasure and enjoyment are all indicated in this Eclipse period. If you are in need of revamping how you go through your day, and how you are “made” by your routines, now is the time to act. Your values, your assets and how you define what is important to you will be challenged by unusual information and social contacts, especially those to do with taxation issues, estate issues and matters of the dead, and sexual contacts. How you regard sex and pleasure, and how these things tie into your routines could pique some irritations in you, but it is very worthwhile at this time to reflect on the ideas of inherited proclivities, heritage and how what you do on a daily basis reflects those concepts. Further, can you change that heritage, and come to realize new modes of enjoyment? Incorporating those new ideas into your life in a new way will see you expand and enrich your personal health and effectiveness with positive, life enriching habits that will last for years to come – look into this stuff now (even if it irks you!) and let yourself shine!

    Now is the time to incorporate some drama and vitality into your life, especially if your work or domestic routines have become humdrum. Your concept of your Self as a person who enjoys, as someone who can truly experience joy and pleasure is due for great consideration, and taking the opportunity to do so now can transform your life with far-reaching effects. How you incorporate experiences that transpire within the next month, after the peak of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, can affect your capacities to take pleasure in life for many years to come. Your home life may be going through a state of flux right now, and there is likely a lot of activity to do with issues of home, your house, your housemates and the location or arrangements within the home. Much communication and action regarding your physical home causes a need to watch out for deep-seated insecurities and defence mechanisms cropping up unexpectedly, almost like an automatic knee-jerk reactions. This could put a damper on any changes that you may want to put through on the domestic scene. If you can get past your initial squeamishness, you will see that your home can actually be a lot more enjoyable than you ever thought, but you need to get past fixed, old ideas. Let the changes happen without your need for total control getting in the way.

    We all fall into habitual modes of communication and those around us usually come to a point where they know what to expect from us in any given situation, knowing how we will react, what we will say and often, they will modify their behaviour accordingly. This New Moon Solar Eclipse will highlight that notion for you, and cause you to stretch yourself to a place where your communications can begin to challenge your generally perceived notion of yourself or those around you. People may have some very specific things to say to you over the next few weeks (if they haven’t said it already), and these things can hit you on a very deep level. It can be expected that you will be doing a lot more listening and talking than normal. Perhaps social contacts are pressing you for attention and cramping your style in terms of how you seek fun and enjoyment in your life. Your values have been shifting for some time, on an internal level, and this is finally hitting ground level in your life. Keep talking and seek to define your stance more clearly through your words, but in new ways that are more in keeping of the direction you are heading, rather than where you have already been. What you say now will have solid impact on events to follow for some time to come, so choose your words wisely.

    Your value structure, your finances, what you hold near and dear and how you regard your own Self-worth are the big topic for your consideration with this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Much of your thought at this time is focussed on planning and putting into action your long-range goals for your financial future, and of course, how those goals reflect your emerging sense of self-confidence and view. Inspirations and flashes of insight, and fortuitous meetings with associates, relatives and people from your daily life could provide great impetus for furthering your future aims. Be light on your feet as you walk through your days. You never know when opportunity might knock, so be prepared to meet it with open arms. There is a need to define your philosophies and be able to clearly delineate what you hold important. This solidity in your personal ideals and view of life will fund your financial aspirations. Just don’t let the fixity of thought squelch your capacity to answer the call of opportunity when it comes, by falling back on “expected” notions of how things should play out. Don’t second-guess events or yourself too much, and be confident in your current state of affairs. You have the right ideas in mind; you just need to keep them in proper view.

    With this New Moon Solar Eclipse, your identity is undergoing profound transformation, and your thoughts, emotions and Ego are all thoroughly involved with how that process is transpiring. Change is what you are right now. It flows in and around you, and its current is carrying you to parts as yet unknown. You are required to incorporate the dichotomy between previously established philosophies, those that support and give stability to your changing persona, and the need to incorporate new values, and the effects of new social contacts on how your values are realized. You have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and the balance is laid out in the fact that your values are reflecting those of the collective. There is much inspiration there, let it infuse the new You that is coming through. All you can do now is keep out of your own way and watch your future self come into being. Expect surprises and inspiration from people who show you a new way of moving through the world. They will challenge your views of accountability. Innovations in your financial views, perhaps a new approach to moneymaking and asset management will be initially tested by feelings of responsibility and “it must be done this way, or else” thinking, but ultimately, this testiness all ties in with the transformation that is shaking the core of who you are. Roll with it and explore the avenues that unfurl. The capacity to incorporate both ends of the spectrum, the past and the future, do exist; they just require keep thought and a sharp eye to detail.

    Your subconscious mind is full to overflowing with materials that clearly show your connection with your personal deep past and beyond that, how all that material exemplifies the processes of the collective. It is murky soup to be swimming in, but what it indicates is that now is your time to dive deep into the waters that travel through each and every one of us. No one is untouched by this water of life, and the work you do within these depths will prove invaluable to your journey in the near future. Your persona is vibrant and inspiring, and the directions that you stand for are identifiable guideposts for all around. In your heart, you know there is much to be discovered while on those far inner journeys, so be off, follow the call and go deep, go far and record what you see while you traverse the expanse of the human collective. Your social circle is undergoing fundamental transformation, and this impacts your immediate persona. Roll with it. Personal relations, partnerships and close connections require a constant commitment and energetic interaction. It may be taxing at times, given everything else that is happening to you on such a deep level, and it may be hard to bring the two together just now. Think of it as an anchor for your life, and keep any commitments in place as you journey continues. If you consider untethering, recognize that the process of doing so has its own requirements that you may not choose to (or be able to) engage with right now. Given the extent of your journeys, some stability may be required, so don’t feel too poorly about it all. Your vision of any hindrances may not be entirely clear, so don’t be afraid to look at it again later. This Solar Eclipse requires your attentions elsewhere, within your own depths, and there within yourself, the answers lie waiting. Share them when you feel ready.

    This New Moon Solar Eclipse emphasises your need to reflect on how exactly your idea of Self ties in with the concept of collective identity. How does your Self-perception reflect the collective, or in fact, does it at all? If it does, then are you prepared to live in a way separated from the personal, and instead, transcend what has been a hard-won character or persona? What is yours, and what is outside of you, and does it matter anymore anyway? Philosophically, these questions seem fine to speculate, but when applied to on a personal level, the implication is somewhat more pressing, and yet, this is where you find yourself. New relationships can take you by surprise and shake up what you consider to be your persona, reflecting back to you the constant need for innovation. Committed relationships and partnerships challenge the sense of the personal and highlight this widening (or decreasing) gap between Self and Other. Commitments may be pressing, and will feel tense at times, given the impetus toward new and more far-reaching encounters. Associations and communications with groups are highly energized, and much of your time will be spent in such considerations, though expect these to be introspective or closed in nature. Your higher purposes, your public persona and career directions are undergoing revision, and these are directly affected by your new associations; you may find yourself heading away from established social connections and soon enough will find yourself encountering a whole new group with which you connect. Look to prestige connections to point the way for change.

    Thank you very much for reading!
    Be well everyone, and make use of these energies currently available, they are a gift to you from the universe!

    With Love,
    Linda Pitura

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